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Eda Karadağ – FÖŞ: What is going on in this world?

Eda Karadağ – FÖŞ: What is going on in this world? Evaluation of what happened in the banking sector. Are we on the way to a new financial crisis? Bank…

Republican Lawmakers Await FDIC Response on Bank Fails

Republican deputies of the US House of Representatives are awaiting a response from the FDIC on bank bankruptcies.

US New Home Sales unexpectedly rise

US New Home Sales rise unexpectedly Sales of new US homes are after a downward revision from the previous month.

Unemployment claims in the US again below expectations

Contrary to expectations, applications for unemployment benefits in the USA remained below expectations in the second week and declined. It seems that the tightness in the US labor market continues…

Gold Price Predictions ‘After FED Decision’ by 7 Analysts!

The gold price rallied on Thursday after the US Federal Reserve hinted that a pause in the rate-raising cycle was approaching.

Last minute! CBRT March 2023 Interest Rate Decision Announced

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) kept the policy rate for March 2023, the third interest rate decision of the year, unchanged at 8.5 percent.

FÖŞ wrote: Not a financial crisis, but a new era in finance

The shock wave that started with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the USA, after swallowing Credit Suisse in Europe, subsided with the measures taken by the Fed and the ECB.

Yellen: We do not intend to guarantee all bank deposits

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she did not consider or discuss securing all bank deposits in the US without the approval of Congress. Yellen's…

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