Measures have not been taken to prevent the government shutdown in the USA!


Johnson’s two-step temporary spending plan envisages transferring funds to some parts of the federal government until January 19.

It is planned to transfer resources to some other federal departments until February 2.

The current spending plan expires at midnight Friday.

If Republicans can’t agree on a spending plan, work at certain federal agencies will be suspended.

It is not enough for Republicans to reach a compromise among themselves for the spending plan to come into force.

Democrats also need to support the plan. Democrats have control of the Senate, the upper house of Congress.

After this entire process, the plan must be approved by President Joe Biden.

Immediately after Johnson announced his plan, some members of the Republican Party expressed their reactions.

Marjorie Taylor Greene shared the following on her X account: “Close the border, don’t give money to Ukraine, dismiss Biden.”

The White House also reacted to Johnson’s plan.

“This proposal is a recipe for shutdown and more Republican chaos,” White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said.

Jean-Pierre accused Republicans in the House of Representatives of wasting valuable time with unserious proposals.

(VOA Turkish)


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