Survey of Economists: There is a decrease in global inflation


Ifo Institute and Swiss Institute of Economic Policy (KOF) “Poll of Economists” pointed out that economists expect a gradual decrease in global inflation in the coming period.

According to the quarterly survey conducted by ifo and KOF, the worldwide inflation rate will fall to 7.1 percent in the new year, then to 5.8 percent next year and only 4.5 percent in 2026.

Ifo Researcher Niklas Potrafke said, “The prospects at the beginning of the year are encouraging; because experts say inflation rates are slightly lower than in the previous quarter. However, inflation remains at a very high level,” he said.

Inflation expectations for 2023 in Western Europe (5.4 percent), North America (5.2 percent) and Southeast Asia (5.3 percent) are well below the global average. “The ECB’s interest rate hikes in December also contributed to the decline in inflation expectations in Europe,” Potrafke said. The ECB had increased the policy rate by 0.5 percentage points in December.

In contrast, inflation expectations remained high in South Asia (23 percent), South America (25 percent), North Africa (32 percent) and East Africa (just under 35 percent).

1,537 economists from 133 countries took part in the December survey.


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