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Utility tokens are a special type of cryptocurrency intended to provide real-world solutions to users. Investment in these tokens provides access to a product or service for the token holder. Cryptocurrency is not a simple investment for those looking for an opportunity to invest. Utility tokens have become one of the most popular types of coins to buy, especially among investors, to be part of the next big crypto success story.

About Service Tokens

Service tokens are often included in cryptocurrency projects and have a more specific use case. For example, utility tokens will be the native currency format to undertake the following types of transactions:

  • Playing P2E games
  • Making NFT transactions in crypto markets
  • Buying and trading virtual real estate lands
  • Investing in Metaverse
  • A source of currency for transactions
  • for passive income

Some coins, known as DeFi coins, allow holders to earn interest on their holdings on DeFi swap exchanges.

Utility tokens are very different from meme coins, which have no long-term value and often have an unlimited supply. Meme coins are mostly traded as speculative assets. For this reason, projects containing meme coins are often not seen as viable crypto investment opportunities.

Having said that, now is the time to consider the top three utility tokens available for purchase in January 2023.

1. Metacade (MCADE) — Best Service Token

Although it is still in the pre-sale stage, and its token MCADE has garnered a lot of attention over the past few months. Metacade, shaping itself as the “ultimate Web3 community hub”, is preparing to be the one-stop shop for metaverse games.

In addition to creating the leading GameFi platform in Web3, Metacade aims to go beyond offering users a wide range of games to play by providing an unrivaled social space, earnings opportunities, return on investment and the chance for developers to develop their skills. In short, Metacade is trying to establish itself as the hottest playground in the metaverse.

To do this, Metacade has created a place where game developers can create a large catalog of games suitable for all kinds of players. This includes players who just want to hang out with their friends and want a more competitive and in-depth experience, and those who just want to play games to clear their minds. All games on the platform will have earning potential, meaning that players can earn MCADE tokens as they progress through tournaments and climb the leaderboards.

There are also opportunities for earning in other ways within the centre. For example, users can provide feedback on new games to developers to ensure that the games featured on Metacade are the best they can be. These backtesting are a potentially productive source of revenue. In addition, interacting with games by writing reviews will also earn users MCADE tokens.

MCADE coin is Metacade’s native currency and will form the basis of the project’s self-sufficient economy. The goal is to generate a steady flow of funds from ads and investors, which will turn into profits for players. One of the other uses of MCADE is something completely new in the metaverse game world.

Developers within Metacade can apply for funding through Metagrants to help support their projects. They create a game offer and present it to community users who vote on whether to fund the developer. This level of interaction and social cohesion brings gamers and developers together and removes the huge barrier of massive multi-layered game development studios in the real world.

Other opportunities offered by Metacade will include a career center where job seekers within the metaverse can be matched with Web3 companies. This is another example of how Metacade’s community-led values ​​will allow members to determine the future of the GameFi industry within the Web 3.0 space.

Metacade’s ultimate goal is to become a fully functioning, self-sufficient community where the core developers of the project have delegated full control of the platform and treasury to selected community members. This goal of becoming a full-fledged DAO where members have the power to determine where Metacade will go in the future is what makes it a potentially rich, long-term utility token investment ahead of the transition to 2023.

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2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is another new service token currently in the pre-sale phase. At the time of this writing, it was in its ninth pre-sale round and has already raised almost $6 million. With over 70,000 traders already signed up, the platform’s potential has captured the imagination of many. With this, they raised more than $400,000 in the first 24 hours of the pre-sale.

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto trading platform that aims to be the number one crypto signal provider. The platform will have many tools to help traders and investors make fully informed investment decisions. Among them:

  • Social indicators
  • Alerts for new listings on the exchange
  • Analytics highlighting on-chain trends
  • Strategy builder
  • Integrated backtesting capabilities

In addition, Dash 2 Trade will also provide an automated trading API that users can customize according to their needs. This detailed scoring system will highlight the best pre-sales and ICOs in the market, and a social investment system designed to increase the community’s social engagement with transactions. All these outstanding features in one platform mean that Dash 2 Trade can quickly become the crypto trader’s best friend.

All D2T token holders will be able to access the Dash 2 Trade platform once it is released, and users will have two plans to choose from: Starter and Premium.

A free subscription version is also available, allowing potential users to get an idea of ​​how the platform works. However, one of the two plans is required to get the most out of Dash 2 Trade.

D2T is a great option for investors in December 2022. There are nine pre-sale rounds, each containing up to 87,500,000 service tokens. The value of 1 D2T increases with each round, meaning those who participate in the third or fourth round will see significant increases in their holdings until the pre-sale ends.

3. Decentraland (MANA)

Utility coins are very important in the metaverse and nowhere is this truer than Decentraland, one of the leading virtual real estate platforms in the metaverse. Here, users can purchase real estate plots on Decentraland’s blockchain hosted on Ethereum and convert them into LAND tokens using this world’s native token MANA. Growing real estate magnates can combine multiple land and LAND tokens to create an Estate.

Decentraland consists of 90,000 individual and unique LAND lands on the Ethereum blockchain. Users who purchase land leverage the ERC 721 smart contract to create LAND NFTs. Just like real-life real estate plots, the cost of each LAND plot varies depending on its location in the metaverse and various other market factors.

Once a piece of land is purchased, users have a number of options for what to do with it. They can take advantage of the land by constructing a virtual building or creating a use case for the land, as Warner Music did by creating a music-themed virtual amusement park. Meanwhile, users who own LAND plots near Paris Hilton or Snoop Dogg may want to invest money to take advantage of real estate premiums and earn a tidy profit.

Users can stake MANA in Decentraland in various ways. These include buying shares in other projects, as well as taking part in voting, which ensures the continued security and maintenance of the platform.

Besides the real estate transactions channel, MANA can also be used to play P2E games and buy, sell and trade NFTs within the Decentraland metaverse. What is expected to happen as the metaverse grows is that more benefits are released to allow more land to be developed. Having said that, given the current value of MANA, December 2022 is a great time to invest.

In November 2021, MANA peaked at an all-time high of $5.90. Compared to its current value of $0.485, which is more than 90% down from its all-time high, now could be an excellent opportunity to invest in this utility token at a significant discount before the metaverse takes its place in our lives in the months and years to come.

Conclusion – Metacade’s Versatile Potential Makes It a Top Service Token

Metacade is our preferred service token to invest in January 2023. The immense potential of the platform and the extremely well thought-out roadmap created a multi-layered exploitation for the rich landscape of the metaverse.

Unlike many other metaverse projects, Metacade is developing something unique and delivering it to multiple potentially relevant industries. In this case, investors, advertisers, gamers and developers can interact with the platform and help Metacade make the most of its enormous potential. Rather than being dependent on a single game, Metacade’s vision of continuous development and expansion ensures a much longer lifespan than other similar projects.

While most of Metacade’s competitors will thwart themselves with their one-size-fits-all offerings, the depth of Metacade’s plans offers an exciting vision of what’s possible in the GameFi space. Metacade is aiming high, and for good reason. They have an excellent chance to lead the GameFi revolution as Web 3.0 grows.

It is this multidimensional future that makes Metacade’s MCADE the best token to invest in for January 2023.

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