What’s the Latest Situation in Gold and Dollar? 21 December 2022


How is the gold and dollar price on December 21, 2022, while the interest rate hike messages given by the central banks are pressing the markets?

There was a message from the Central Banks that interest rates would remain high until normalization in inflation was achieved. Accompanied by these statements, the projections for a slowdown in economies revived and recession concerns rose.

What Is The Gold Price?

Gold prices at 10:00 on the third day of the week:

Ounce of gold started the day with 1,813 USD.

Gram gold is opening today at 1.088 TL.

Quarterly gold is traded at 1,803 TL.

What About the Dollar Price?

At 10:00 on the third trading day of the week, the dollar rate is at the level of 18.65 TL.

Euro is traded at 19.80 TL in the morning hours.


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