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Crypto Firm Orthogonal Trading Said to Be in Provisional Liquidation After Maple Defaults

Orthogonal defaulted on $36 million of loans on DeFi protocol Maple earlier this month after it allegedly misrepresented the scale of its losses from the FTX implosion.

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd, Fickle Bitcoin Forecaster, Dies After Heart Attack

Among Wall Street financiers, Minerd was known for his extreme predictions of the largest cryptocurrency's price, often with mixed success.

First Mover Americas: FTT Token at Center of New US Charges in FTX Case

The latest price moves in crypto markets in context for Dec. 22, 2022.

The CFP Board’s Latest Report on Crypto Sets High Standards for Advisors

Decisions to recommend bitcoin should depend on an advisor's crypto competency and a client's personal/financial circumstances, the CFP Board's notice rightly says.

Crypto Market May See Renewed Volatility as Whales Begin to Accumulate Bitcoin

Calm waters do not last long in bitcoin, so be prepared for a sharp move here shortly, one observer said, referring to the cryptocurrency's ultra-low historical or realized price volatility.

Bitcoin Is Leading Indicator for S&P 500, Past Data Show

The cryptocurrency tends to bottom out weeks ahead of the S&P 500, research by Delphi Digital shows.

First Mover Asia: Most Cryptos Stay Flat Like a Windless Lake, but a Popsicle Makes Waves.

Plus: Sam Reynolds questions the logic of calls to ban crypto, arguing that it has little chance of causing problems in traditional finance.

Crypto Markets Today: Popsicle Heats Up as Bitcoin Stays Cold

Top crypto assets hold steady as stocks get pre-holiday bounce.

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