Announcement from Presidency: Blockchain Application Coming!


Vice President Fuat Oktay said that e-government will meet with Blockchain.

E-government meets Blockchain

At the Digital Turkey meeting, the contents to be integrated into e-government were shared with the public. Blockchain infrastructure was also included in the announced contents. E-government, which has more than 60 million active users, is preparing for a historical innovation, according to the words of the Vice President. Vice President Fuat Oktay said, “We are bringing a blockchain-based login system “digital identity” that will revolutionize e-government. In addition, Vice President Oktay said in a statement that citizens’ identities will be stored in the blockchain infrastructure within the scope of the e-wallet application.

In addition, it paves the way for citizens to access e-government with digital identities created in the blockchain network. It has also been stated that many different innovations will come to e-government. Fuat Oktay stated that “all digital public services will be made more user-friendly”. However, Oktay implied that tabs, which are in high demand, may come to the fore in order to make applications more easily accessible. It is thought that e-government will be more secure with blockchain infrastructure. It is planned to transition to a decentralized data storage method instead of a central point. It has also emerged that the transition from online e-government to offline e-government is also being considered. It is now planned to move towards a system where users’ digital information can be kept securely on their mobile phones.

Blockchain increases security

Blockchain is gaining increasing use by powering Bitcoin and altcoin projects. The latest e-government move also increases initiatives in this direction. In addition, this step of the platform, which hosts the data of more than 62 million people, is important for the application. cryptocoin.comAs we mentioned, the decentralization of personal data means that citizens’ personal data will be better protected.

Binance will continue its investments in Turkey

Binance Turkey general manager Mucahit Dönmez underlines that Turkey has great potential in terms of blockchain and crypto money ecosystem. In addition, he stated, “We want Turkey to become a ‘centre in the region’ in the field of blockchain.”

Dönmez stated that the acceleration they have achieved in the Turkish market is an indication that they are taking firm steps towards this goal. “The number of users of Binance Turkey has increased significantly this year,” he said. Dönmez stated that the daily transaction volume is around 250 million dollars on average. Dönmez also added that Binance Turkey’s employment increased by 40% this year. Dönmez also stated the following in his statement:

“We will continue our investments in the Turkish market. In this context, we will realize our plans to support our new projects in 2023.”


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