Binance Continues To Improve Its Relationship With Regulators


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has joined the board of a lobby group in the US to further its relationship with regulators.

The crypto exchange joins the board of the Digital Chamber of Commerce, a lobbying group for the blockchain industry in the US.

Binance Accelerates Its Work

The crypto exchange will contribute to research through discussions with lawmakers and regulators and potentially influence the shape of crypto legislation. With this move, the company joins traditional finance companies such as Visa and Deloitte, as well as companies such as Circle and OKCoin. Binance US, the US subsidiary of the stock market, has been on the executive board since 2020.

This move by the stock market is seen as an important milestone after the company had trouble with financial regulators before.

Joanne Kubba, Binance’s vice president of public relations, said in a statement:

“As a company at the heart of the industry’s rapid growth and complex regulatory environment, working with lawmakers, regulators and various industry groups is imperative to our mission to foster the sustainable development of sensible regulation for cryptocurrency and blockchain.”


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