Coinbase Customers Refused to Share Account Information During Litigation


Coinbase customers sued for unauthorized crypto transfer refused to share their account information to prevent the case from going to arbitration.

The plaintiffs sought at least $5 million in damages from the crypto exchange.

Coinbase Customers Do Not Share Their Information

According to the court filing, the plaintiffs claimed that $6,000 worth of cryptocurrencies were withdrawn from their accounts to an address they had never interacted with before. The file also stated that the hackers managed to withdraw $1000.

The largest US exchange suggested that users disagreed on whether to include a provision in the protective decision stating that Coinbase does not waive its right to arbitrate the dispute.

The company said last month:

“Refusing to provide this basic information is an improper attempt to undermine Coinbase’s right to arbitrate under the Federal Arbitration Act.”

More than 100 Coinbase users, led by George Kattula, also sued the exchange for arbitrarily blocking access to their accounts and funds, thus preventing them from withdrawing poorly performing tokens.


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