FTX Victims Called to Testify


FTX victims were summoned to testify by US officials.

The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has invited people who were victims of the collapse of FTX to testify.

FTX Victims Will Testify

The statement by the prosecution includes an e-mail address where potential victims can coordinate and a list of victims’ rights. Victims wishing to testify and confirm their case are invited to liaise with the US Attorney’s Office’s witness and victim coordinator.

However, the legal teams that manage bankruptcy proceedings for FTX in the US and Bahamas have agreed to work together to ensure stakeholders recover their funds.

Another important development of the day was that the US Securities and Exchange Commission began investigating FTX investors.

According to Reuters, the SEC posed several questions to financial companies, including what due diligence policies and procedures, if any, they followed and whether they followed them when choosing to invest in FTX.


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