OKX Announces Second Proof of Reserve Report


Cryptocurrency exchange OKX, proof of reserve ( POR) announced the second results of its report along with the new features it brought.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have entered a new era after the crypto crashes this year. In this period, exchanges try to instill confidence in their users with proof-of-reserve systems. Binance This new system, launched by the company, openly presents the assets and collateral of the exchanges to the users. Although the third parties controlling the proof-of-reserve system decided to withdraw, the exchanges did not back down from this system. Finally OKX announced its second proof of reserve report. Moreover OKXbrought new features to the proof-of-reserve system.

OKX Adds New Features to Proof of Reserves System

Popular cryptocurrency exchange OKX introduced a new feature to the proof-of-reservation system. In the report in which he announced the latter, it was observed that his assets were one-to-one collateral.

The features brought by the exchange offer the possibility to verify that the platform has sufficient assets to process customer withdrawals.

In addition, in the report announced, it is stated that the wallets of the exchange belong to the customers. 112,192 piecesBitcoin ( BTC ) was located. In contrast, on the stock market side, 113,754number BTC is located. Popular crypto exchange, BTCHe stated that he was fully assured about it.

Exchange at first proof of reserve 102 percent It announced a collateral ratio of . In this new report, 101 A guarantee of . On the other hand, in the stock market 101secured Tether ( USDT), percentage 103collateralized Ethereum ( ETH ) exists. According to the latest report, the stock market’s assets 90 percentyour BTC, ETHand USDTforming.


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