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Progress in AAX Case: Two Executives Arrested


Hong Kongpolice, cryptocurrency exchange AAXarrested two senior executives and froze the company’s bank account.

In the cryptocurrency market, the effects of the havoc created by bad actors continue. In particular, bear pressure on cryptocurrencies is having a negative impact. Survivor 2022 In the year, many crypto exchanges and crypto organizations faced legal processes. Cryptocurrency exchange is one of them. AAX had stopped its services, citing the ongoing processes. The exchange, which first closed its lending pools, then closed its services. Hong Kongpolice after these events. AAX He went after . As a recent development, Hong Kongpolice AAXarrested two senior executives of .

Operation on AAX Executives: Arrested in Hong Kong

Hong KongAs a result of the operation held in , the crypto exchange AAXTwo top executives were caught. Hong Kong police stated that one of the arrested persons was managing the platform. In addition, according to the leaked news to the local press, among those arrested AAXFounder and former CEO of Thor Chanis also included.

However Hong Kong police refrained from sharing the identities of the arrested persons with the press. On the other hand Thor Chandid not respond to requests for comment on the matter.

The crypto exchange stopped withdrawals in November, citing system glitches. Next Hong KongThe police revealed that the stock market was experiencing liquidity problems as part of the investigation it initiated.

According to the police statement, the case 98 million It covers a loss in Hong Kong dollars. In this context, the bank accounts of the company and its executives were frozen.


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