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Repayment Date Postponed for MtGox Creditors


MtGoxtrustee Nobuaki Kobayashi, earlier January 10repayment date to creditors designated as March 10announced that it was postponed.

Defunct crypto trading platform Mt. Gox continues the legal processes with its creditors. Amid rumors and speculation, there has been some development for creditors. January 6According to the announcement made on , the previously announced refund date has been changed. Mt. Goxtrustee, January 10repayment date determined as March 10announced that it was postponed.

MtGox Payback Date Postponed to March 10

Mt. Goxtrustee Nobuaki Kobayashimade an announcement that it thought was in the interest of creditors. Kobayashiciting the progress of rehabilitation creditors March 10marked the date.

This postponement announcement was made so that the creditors could complete their preparations before the new deadline. In the update, it was stated that rehabilitation creditors who cannot complete their selection and registration within the new date will not be able to receive their repayments.

In the postponing notice, “The Board of Trustees of Rehabilitation will require Election and Registration etc. to reimburse as soon as possible after March 10, 2023 (Japan time). It will start approving your content from this point on.” it was said.


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