Artificial Intelligence Step from Romania


Romania, named Ion, in order to strengthen the interaction of the people with the government. artificial intelligencedeveloped the robot.

Google, apple, Microsoftand companies like Amazon artificial intelligence He is known for being brave. The prevalence and functionality of artificial intelligence has led countries to this technology. Countries show great interest in artificial intelligence, which is just developing. Finally, Romania has created a framework to increase interaction between the public and the government. developed an artificial intelligence robot.

Romania’s Artificial Intelligence Robot in the Field

Artificial intelligence, which is called the new state of technology, continues to occupy the agenda of countries. A lotthe country’s work in this field, RomaniaAccompanied by. RomaniaAn artificial intelligence robot developed in Turkey has managed to attract the attention of the public with its visual and functional features.

RomaniaMinister of Innovation Sebastian Burduja, dreams of this artificial intelligence robot named Ion making political proposals. Financial Timesconveying his views to Burdujafor citizens to be involved in politics artificial intelligenceclaimed to play an important role.

Romania’s AI will automatically scan social media posts and take into account messages from the public. The robot, designed with a 7-meter mirror structure, was welcomed by the country with interest.

Romania considers artificial intelligence to have great potential for strengthening democracy. Burdujasaid the following on the subject;

“It’s an experiment, so we haven’t seen any government in the world using it and reacting instantly, and we don’t know what this will look like in practice. Ion’s peopleto their rhetoric make policy recommendations based onwe want.


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