Magic Eden Will Refund Fake NFTs


Magic Edenwill refund users after 25 fake NFTs sold due to the vulnerability.

Although the spread of the crypto industry is a positive situation, the increase in scammers and attacks hinders the situation. This was especially the case for the year 2022, when the most hacking incidents took place. The unfortunate name of the new year was NFT platform Magic Eden. Users of the platform faced misfortune for the second time this week. There was sexual content on the platform, albeit for a short time, yesterday. The presence of such images on an NFT platform raised the possibility of a hacking attack. Now the fake NFT problem has emerged.

Magic Eden Will Reimburse Fake NFTs

NFT marketplace Magic Edenpromised refunds to all users who were tricked into purchasing fake NFTs from the website due to a vulnerability.

The company said in a statement, Snappy Marketplaceand Pro Trade He said a bug in the “activity indexer” he had just deployed for his tools allowed fake NFTs to bypass verification and be listed alongside real NFT collections. It also stated that the vulnerability resulted in the sale of 25 counterfeit NFTs in four collections in the past 24 hours, while no other NFTs were affected.

Saying that they have eliminated the problem and users should not buy NFTs, Magic Eden gave the following about fake NFTs:

“Magic Eden is safe to trade and we will refund any users who accidentally purchased unverified NFTs specifically due to this issue”


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