Tesla Updates Its Artificial Intelligence Trained Robots


Tesla has released new images showcasing its robots that can now stably walk, pick up items, and recognize objects.

Shared video, CEO of the company Elon Musk presented at the company’s shareholders meeting. In the video, Tesla Bot Some important improvements made in the project were exhibited. These improvements included improved motor control, AI training based on human-tracked movements, and object manipulation capabilities.

Twitter Users Voiced Their Opinions About Robots

The biggest feature that came with the new upgrade was that the humanoid robots could walk in a straight line without the need for Tesla personnel.

In the video, the Teslarobot was seen performing human-like tasks by picking up objects from one place and placing them in another. This action revealed how the bot’s AI can be trained using human experiences.

Humanoid robots debuted in October Tesla AI Day 2022It was introduced in .

At that time, the robot was such that its interior was visible and could only walk forward. Another more complete version was also shown, but required the assistance of staff to stand.

Various reactions came from users to the post shared on Twitter. While some users congratulated the company’s new step, others threatened to beat the robot if they saw it on the street.


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