Togg to Release an NFT Collection for the Centennial of the Republic


Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş announced that an NFT collection will be released.

In his opening speech at CES2023, Karakaş made important statements regarding future projects.

NFT Statement from Togg CEO

Togg CEO Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş made statements about blockchain technology and NFT.

Using the phrases “On our journey to become more than just an automobile”, Karakaş talked about his future plans.

Karakaş also included a plan in which blockchain technology will be used in his statement.

“At CES2022, we presented our USECASEMobility vision, said we would develop a user-centered mobility ecosystem that is accessible to everyone, and presented our Concept Smart Device.
We consider the building blocks of USECASEMobility in four dimensions: smart devices, digital platforms, clean energy solutions and the necessary structuring for this kind of growth. We realize all these dimensions simultaneously.
Here at CES2022 last year, we presented our concept smart device. We showed our vision of how cars are transforming into a third living space. This year, we present our mobility vision.
The name of our stand is “Digital Mobility Garden”. An experience that will allow you to discover the future of sustainable and connected mobility. BeyondX reflects the future of the USECASEMobility experience.
We offer an immersive hybrid experience that transforms your reality through your senses. Depending on how you feel, Beyond X takes you to the environment that best suits you at the moment.
In our column titled Clean Energy Solutions by Trugo and Siro, we describe the ecosystem that transforms users from being just energy consumers to become the parties that produce energy and manage their energy cycles through a blockchain-based platform.
In our ToggTrumore corner, we present our smart life solutions for daily life. In addition, with the Trumore digital platform experience, our visitors can create their digital mobility avatars.”

Karakaş announced that a special NFT collection will be put on sale for the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

“We will bring the 2023 special NFT series, which will be produced specifically for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, to our users with the auction method. NFT owners will have the right to participate in the pre-order of the smart device and have priority in ranking.
Our vision contains new concepts and a universal language is needed to express these concepts. This led us to digital art. We express our vision with digital art in every area of ​​our stand. For this, we work with 7 of the most well-known Turkish digital artists in the world.”


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