What is Bluzelle (BLZ) Coin?


Bluzelle is a decentralized, scalable database service that aims to provide an effective data storage solution for the nascent blockchain ecosystem. Bluzelle was founded by Pavel Bains and Neeraj Muraka.

Using distributed ledger technology, the Bluzelle network aims to ensure that any person can securely store their data. Bluzelle is used as a blockchain for GameFi, with its ability to produce high-quality games, protect gamers’ NFTs, and leverage DeFi returns.

The native token of the Bluzelle project is the BLZ coin. BLZ coin can be used to pay for network transactions. It can be used to participate in network administration, place bets and win prizes. Bluzelle is important for the industry  It was created to provide solutions to many problems and to provide convenience.

We can detail the main features of the Bluzelle project as follows:

  • With Bluzelle, a decentralized database is created with information storage for software developers.
  • Tendermint is powered by the blockchain.
  • Bluzelle core products are all about data.
  • Bluzelle Staking is a place where BLZ holders can stake their tokens and earn rewards for providing storage pricing data.

Bluzelle’s swarm technology makes it extremely reliable as it stores chunks of data redundantly all over the world, eliminating a single point of failure. Because it’s not a data center, Bluzelle’s resources are provided by network ‘manufacturers’ who make money and pass the savings on to users. It is designed to be censorship resistant, offering high security, unmatched usability.

The intellectual property of all creators is protected by Bluzelle, including artists, musicians, scientists, publishers and developers. Bluzelle is also important to NFT and DeFi, offering data storage, file storage, oracles and more.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Bluzelle (BLZ) are as follows:


  • The ecosystem continues to grow.
  • It offers the opportunity to add storage to the list of decentralized solutions.
  • An ecosystem of partners is being created to improve the use of database and oracles such as Cosmoz, Tendermint, Polkadot, Polygon, Ankr, Equinix.


  • BLZ price in the markets is below the expectations.
  • It may be powerless against competing projects.
  • There are sharp fluctuations in price.


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