What is Ethereum Holesky Testnet?


Holesky Testnet is a go-to network for testing staking, infrastructure and protocol development for Ethereum.

What is Holesky Testnet?

Holsky takes its name from a Prague neighborhood in the Czech Republic. As Ethereum continues its evolution, this new testnet offers a number of possibilities and improvements over its predecessor, Goerli. Holesky is planned to replace Goerli as the main testnet for staking, infrastructure and protocol development.

On the other hand, for those venturing into testing decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM-related functions, Sepolia remains the go-to testing network. Holesky is Ethereum’s latest unified genesis public testnet. Holesky, which will be inherited from Goerli, is specifically designed for comprehensive staking experiments, infrastructure evaluations, and direct protocol developer testing, mirroring mainnet functions for precise evaluations.

Holesky aims to increase the number of validators on the Ethereum mainnet and test how the changes affect stability. The Ethereum Foundation’s DevOps team has several plans for Holesky:

  • Testing the network more thoroughly by having twice as many active validators as the main Ethereum network.
  • Improving the way inflation works using methods from the Sepolia testnet.
  • Start with a strong base of 1 million validators for better testing.
  • Encouraging teams to run as many of these validators to ensure the testnet works as intended, aiming for each team to handle around 100,000 validators.


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