What is Ucerc.com? Ucerc Scam Message


Ucerc has become a frequently used topic on the Have Complaints platform, especially in recent weeks. The message, which has not yet been sent or by whom, draws attention.

The message, which was sent via Ucerc.com and thought to have been sent for fraudulent purposes, was on the agenda. What is Ucerc.com when citizens research on the subject in search engines? The answer to the question is curious.

What is Ucerc Scam Message?

Citizens who applied to Complaint Var regarding the message in question state that they do not accept any responsibility regarding the issue in case of a possible fraud.

Reminiscent of Currick, who has been heavily involved in user searches in the past months Ucerc.com scam messageAccording to the allegations, it was sent with the following statements:

“Hi, your application has been selected for a well-paid full-time job at our company. You can get 3280/day contact me : ws: wa. Me/9054****5700”

“I received a message from such a number that I did not recognize.” A person named Pınar, who applied to the Have Complaints platform, said, “It is necessary to find out how they got my number to take the necessary actions. I do not accept any liability arising from this link. If it is a malicious link message, I request that it be investigated and the necessary action taken.” he also stated.

A similar message, which a person named Kübra stated that she was not aware of, was also the subject of a complaint:

Hello, your application has been selected for a well-paid full-time job at our company. You can get 3000/day contact me : ws: wa. me/998932482449

A message has come. I have not made such an application. I do not accept any legal responsibility for material and moral negativities that may occur. I hereby request you to take the necessary action.”

On the other hand, it is seen that the site does not have a significant traffic and the domain name of the site was registered for only 1 year on August 27, 2022. Therefore, this raises suspicions that Ucerc.com is a fraudulent platform.

While there is no official statement from the authorities on the subject, the uncertainty regarding the messages continues. You can access the application screen opened on the Have Complaints platform from the link below:



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