What is UNUS SED LEO (LEO)? LEO Coin Review and Price


UNUS SED LEO, also known as Leo Coin, is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum platform. UNUS SED LEO, encoded with the abbreviation LEO, was listed by Bitfinex exchange in May 2019.


UNUS SED LEO is the name given to a cryptocurrency traded on the Ethereum platform. UNUS SED LEO’s token is known as Leo Coin or Leo Token.

LEO was first released by iFinex, the parent company of the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange. The swap is listed for use to reduce borrowing and other clearing fees. It has also been described as the “utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem”.

The token has had a turbulent history as it was launched after the US government seized funds held by Bitfinex’s former payment processor Crypto Capital. The token was established to cover the financial loss experienced after this process. LEO is a dual-chain utility token that lives on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, as well as one of the few cryptocurrencies with a limited lifecycle in its protocols. Because iFinex’s buyback and burn scheme contributes 27 percent of the company’s earnings, which means that the token will expire once the last LEO token is burned. Also, unlike other tokens, LEO cannot be used to create leveraged positions.

Looking at its history, the stock market actually closed in 2016 after a hack that caused the stealing of approximately 120,000 Bitcoins from the stock market. After the attack, Bitfinex had to distribute these losses to all Bitfinex account holders and credit customers with a specially designed BFX token at a BFX to $1 rate.

The exchange was also fined the same year for failing to register as a futures commission trader from the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which led to a reassessment of its trading practices.


The UNUS SED LEO project was initiated by Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange and iFinex, the parent company of Tether stablecoin. Therefore, the founder of UNUS SED LEO is the Bitfinex exchange.

UNUS SED LEO What Does It Mean?

UNUS SED LEO Greek storyteller Aesop(Aesop) The Sow and the Lioness It is taken from the Latin phrase “Unus Sed Leo” in the fable (The Pig and the Lioness). Translated as “just a lion,” this phrase epitomizes the moral of the fable, which focuses on the philosophy of quality over quantity, that the strength and courage of a single lion cub is greater than an entire herd of pigs.


How much market cap does UNUS SED LEO have? There are several reliable sites such as Coin Market Cap, CoinGecko, which answer the question and collect this data. Accordingly, the current price of the Leo token is $3.50 as of January 4, 2023. The 24-hour trading volume was recorded as 2,299,856 USD.

UNUS SED LEO Market Data

There are many question marks in the minds of investors regarding UNUS SED LEO. How much is the LEO supply? What is the LEO ATH and ATL level? The answers to such questions are very important for crypto money investors.

How Much is LEO Supply?

In crypto assets, the total supply is the total amount of coins in the current state. The maximum supply is the best estimate of the maximum number of coins that will exist over the entire lifetime of the cryptocurrency. When the effect of the circulating supply on the value of the cryptocurrency is added to the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency from the total supply, the value of the coin may decrease. In terms of supply-demand relationship, the value of crypto money may be negatively affected as the amount of crypto money in the market increases.

So, how much is the LEO supply? According to CoinGecko data, there is currently a circulating supply of 930 million LEO coins.

What is the LEO ATH Level?

ATH is short for All Time High. It refers to the highest price level a cryptocurrency has reached. The all-time high of an investment coin also shows the potential of that coin. The LEO ATH level was recorded as 8.14 USD on February 8, 2022.

What is the LEO ATL Level?

Expressing the opposite of ATH level, ATL is an abbreviation for All Time Low. It refers to the lowest price ever seen by a cryptocurrency price. A coin’s ATL also indicates the maximum level at which it can fall. If it has seen this level once, there is a high probability of seeing it again and investors will buy by taking this into consideration. The LEO ATL level was seen 3 years ago, on 24 December 2019, with 0.799859 USD.

Where to Buy UNUS SED LEO?

The most active exchange where LEO is traded is Bitfinex. Apart from Bitfinex, Leo Coin transactions can also be made through DigiFinex and OKX.

How to Buy UNUS SED LEO?

LEO Token can be purchased directly on its own exchange, Bitfinex. Turkish lira can be used to trade on Bitfinex; Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, USDT Tether or US Dollar can be used. If the transaction is to be made with fiat money, LEO Token can be easily purchased via USDT or a similar crypto currency from the platform where KYC is requested.

After sending USDT to Bitfinex, the desired amount of LEO can be purchased by selecting the LEO/USDT trading pair from the “Trading” menu of the stock market.


Cryptocurrency investors do preliminary research on coins before trading. This research is more especially when it comes to altcoins. The values ​​of altcoins can change according to speculations and market conditions. For this reason, before investing in altcoins, it is recommended to do market research and try to gather information from reliable sources.

Comments on UNUS SED LEO can be obtained from websites such as Investing, Coin Market Cap, CoinGecko, as well as by visiting many similar digital forums. Due to the history of LEO, sometimes there are question marks in the minds of investors. The value of UNUS SED LEO has been at low levels recently. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful while investing.


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