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This Week, 11 Altcoins Will Be Unlocked: Here is the List!

September was an active month in the cryptocurrency market, with key openings attracting the attention of both experienced investors and newcomers. These unlocks are not only financial milestones, but also the emerging developments of cryptocurrencies.

Master Analyst Sets the Date for the Bitcoin Bull Run to Start!

In the world of cryptocurrency trading, the crypto community's expectation is growing that it could be a promising year for Bitcoin. Analyst Dave the Wave, known for his accurate predictions about the cryptocurrency market, recently announced that Bitcoin will be released in 2024.

Millions of Dollar Liquidation in SHIB and XRP! What happened?

The last 24 hours in the ever-volatile world of cryptocurrencies have witnessed ups and downs that have left traders and enthusiasts on their toes. A staggering $13.62 million worth of transactions were liquidated during this crazy period, and across the market...

Weekend Bitcoin report: Surprisingly low

Bitcoin remained at surprisingly low levels over the weekend.

The global journey of BZET Coin, the cryptocurrency of the Bzetmex exchange, begins with XT.com!

Bzetmex crypto exchange, which launched Bzetmex Global in September, is making the first global listing of its own cryptocurrency, BZET Coin, with the giant Asian-based exchange with more than 40 million members.

These 2 Altcoins First Peaked, Then Crashed!

Surprisingly, Ark (ARK), a relatively low-cap Ethereum (ETH) rival, has experienced a meteoric rise of more than 61% in just one week. This increase in value has caused a lot of inauguration of perpetual futures contracts for Ark's local presence.

Legendary Analyst: This Enemy of Bitcoin (BTC) Appears Again!

Willy Woo has sounded the alarm about a major hurdle that could potentially hinder the future growth of Bitcoin (BTC).

Crypto Exchange is Facing Chaos Due to This Altcoin!

Upbit, South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchange, was surprisingly thrown into chaos today after a flood of fake APT altcoins overwhelmed its system. The incident left users stunned and questioning the exchange's security protocols. Here's the thing...

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