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1inch Performs Protocol Upgrade


DEX collector 1inch has released a protocol upgrade called Fusion.

1inch is a project that allows investors to access liquidity from multiple DEXs to exchange tokens from a single platform. 1inch, which is a leader in DEX aggregation with over $1 billion in trading volume over the past week, is ahead of its competitors such as Paraswap, Matcha and Cowswap. It also wants to continue its success with new updates.

1inch Releases Fusion Upgrade

1inch has implemented a protocol upgrade called Fusion that allows DeFi users to place custom swap orders at certain prices without having to pay gas fees.

The upgrade is also stated to protect users against maximum extractable value (MEV), which is a type of front-running common in blockchains. The Fusion upgrade is a novelty with 1inch’s Swap Engine, a mechanism that connects users with market makers serving their liquidity needs.

1inch Network Co-Founder Sergej KunzAbout the upgrade he said:

“Fusion makes swaps over 1inch significantly more cost-effective because users won’t have to pay network fees, plus it adds an extra layer of security that protects users from sandwich attacks.”


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