4 Altcoins That Will Succeed in the Bull Run


There are comments that we have come to the end of the bear market in the cryptocurrency world. This situation requires monitoring altcoin projects. Since we have a bull season ahead of us, which projects will be successful? Altcoinbuzz gives the answer to this question. Let’s look at the details.

Altcoin Render Network (RNDR)

Altcoin Render Network is the first of the altcoins we will cover today. He is active in the field of artificial intelligence. Decentralized GPUs (graphics processing units) provide the computing power. This is very lucrative because AI uses a lot of GPU computing power. So Render is a P2P (peer-to-peer) marketplace for spare GPUs. However, its servers run on AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). To be honest, this is not a very decentralized system either. It is also a permissioned system. In other words, not everyone can participate. However, in late October the Render community voted on a proposal. 99% of the votes were in favor of adding the Beam Compute Client proposal.

This gives an advantage to GPU AI operations. Development can be deployed faster without having to deal with infrastructure. For example, machine learning workloads will increase. This will have a positive impact on the price of the altcoin RNDR token. The token price has already performed well since the beginning of the year. It increased by at least 367.5%. Accordingly, the price increased by 28.7% in the last 7 days. We also see a 70% increase in 30 days.

Altcoin Kaspa (KAS)

Altcoin Kaspa is a Proof-of-Work Blockchain using the GHOSTDAG protocol. 2 Traditional Blockchains can orphan new blocks when created in parallel. But Kaspa’s blockDAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) allows them to coexist. One of the projects in the Kaspa ecosystem is Chainge. This is another project to consider.

You can make fast and easy KAS payments with Chainge Wallet. Accordingly, you just scan a QR code. KAS cryptocurrency has seen a fair launch. In other words, there was no pre-sale or pre-allocation. The cryptocurrency’s recent price increase has been modest. We have seen a 4.6% increase over the last 7 days. In the last 30 days, this rate was 8.1%. However, when we look at the price development year-to-date, we see an increase of 2569%. This is very striking.

Akash Network (AKT)

Altcoin Akash runs on Cosmos Hub. It is also part of IBC. Similar to Render, it is active in the computing market. It also has a decentralized market for cloud computing. Unlike Render, Akash is completely decentralized. As we know, artificial intelligence and machine learning need most of this computing power. It looks like right now. Artificial intelligence will only grow. This means that platforms like Akash will also grow.

A series of recent positive events in altcoin Akash has seen the token rise in August. A price correction followed. But now the token has reignited. We have seen a 17.5% increase in the AKT token in the last 7 days. Last month, this rate reached 30%. There is an increase of 307% since the beginning of the year. Looks like there’s more to come. Accordingly, an 8x increase is required to reach the ATH of $8.07. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can do more than that.

The Graph

Meet the Google of Blockchains; The Graph! It is an indexing system and the last coin to cover today’s altcoins. Therefore, it enables developers to find data from their Blockchain. As a result, developing Dapps becomes easier. It makes life easier for developers by following 3 steps. For example, data from other Blockchains is aggregated. It is also organized and stored.

Altcoin GRT has a great use case. You pay for your queries with GRT, so there is always demand for the token. At least as long as developers continue to use the platform. Graph is built on Ethereum and currently supports more than 40 networks. These include non-EVM chains like Cosmos. Altcoin GRT token has seen modest developments recently compared to other projects. It has increased by 27.7% in the last 7 days, which is a good rate. However, the 30-day increase is ‘only’ 24.2%. When we look at Kriptokoin.com, there is a 29.1% increase from the beginning of the year to today. Still, according to Altcoinbuzz, this project is rock solid.


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