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$700K Stolen From Bitcoin Mining Pool


Bitcoin mining pool lost 700 thousand dollars as a result of the cyber attack.

The attack is seen as another sign that crypto companies are vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Bitcoin Mining Pool Hacked

As digitalization increases, cyber attacks are also increasing. The latest example of these attacks was the attack on Bitcoin mining pool BTC.com.

The attackers stole $700,000 worth of digital assets belonging to customers of BTC.com. The platform’s parent company, BIT Mining Limited, also lost $2.3 million in assets.

According to the official press release, law enforcement in Shenzhen in China managed to recover some of the stolen assets.

Authorities sought further assistance and coordination from BIT Mining as they continued to gather evidence on the matter.

“Following the revelation of this cyberattack, the company has implemented the technology needed to thwart hackers. BTC.com is currently running business as usual”

Specific details of the attack have not yet been disclosed.

Hackers captured $570 million by targeting the Binance-related cross-chain bridge BSC Token Hub in October of this year.


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