Aave Long Term Price Forecasts


Recent developments in the cryptocurrency world have also hit AAVE, one of the leading altcoins. AAVE has gained 2.1 percent in the last 24 hours, according to CoinGecko data.

Although AAVE is currently trading at $56.6, it made its ATH at $631 in 2021.

Aave Long Term Price Forecasts

The Aave (AAVE) cryptocurrency is an open source project written on the ERC-20 that formed the basis of the Etheruem Blockchain network in 2017. AAVE was previously released as LEND tokens, and changed its token name in October 2020, giving 1 AAVE to 100 LEND holders.

AAVE price prediction is based on expert opinions, technical analysis and previous movements.

AAVE’s daily chart

If we look at the instant view of AAVE, we can see that it has gone through a long decline period and then continues in a horizontal course. AAVE has now received a reaction from the $53 support and is in an upward trend from that region. The first rise on the AAVE side can also take us to the $ 61 band.

AAVE’s price predictions by year

Given the current outlook, it doesn’t make much sense for analysts and experts to make high valuations for AAVE at the end of the year. The inflationary situation in the world and the interest rate hikes by the countries have a negative impact on the price of AAVE.

The estimated maximum value for AAVE by the end of 2022 is $60.24, while the minimum value is estimated at $53.5. In 2023, this situation is $ 80.5, while the maximum is $ 99.4. When we look at 2024, we see a price prediction ranging from $116.7 to $142. When we look at when AAVE reaches its ATH, the estimates point to the year 2028. In 2030, the estimated minimum value of AAVE is $1,058, with a maximum value of $1,306. If we take a look at 2031, the last year of the analysis, we see that the highest estimated value of AAVE is in the band of 1,830 dollars.

Of course, it is also useful to note that these analyzes and estimates are made only by considering the current outlook. Of course, it is difficult to predict what will happen about crypto money and Blockchain in the future. These analyzes are based on opinions and past movements of cryptocurrencies to shed light on the current outlook.


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