AiDoge Enters Investors’ Radar as Terra Luna Coin Loses Hope


Terra Luna coin, the notorious cryptocurrency that plunged the market into a major crisis with its collapse last year, has suffered huge losses in recent days. With the price drop, alternative crypto projects started to come to the fore. One of these projects, AiDoge, attracted great attention despite its new release and managed to raise more than $5.5 million in funding in the ongoing pre-sale event.

When the Terra/Luna ecosystem collapsed in mid-2022, the Terra community decided to split it in two. The original blockchain was rebranded as Terra Classic and a new blockchain called “Terra 2.0” was created. With hopes on Terra Luna Coin fading, investors turned to the pre-sale event to purchase AiDoge.

What is AiDoge? What are its features?

The importance of using up-to-date content in the cryptocurrency industry is huge, as ‘memes’ serve as a powerful tool for effective communication and active participation. The use of artificial intelligence by AiDoge has led to a significant transformation in the breast production process. The platform can generate ‘memes’ meaning “internet moose” of superior quality, relevant to the current context and in a timely manner. That’s why we focus on meme creators.

The platform uses a token-based system where the Ai token serves as the main currency to supply meme generation credits. Meme-to-Earn (M2E), that is, “Create memes and win” themed project, uses artificial intelligence to create memes based on texts users enter into the system.

AiDoge provides a platform for sharing and voting memes via a private feed, as well as building an active community through staking, which includes incentivizing users with credits. The common wall showcases the latest community-generated memes and provides incentives to leading creators through the allocation of Ai tokens.

What is AiDoge (AI) Token and How to Buy It?

At the heart of the AiDoge project is the AI ​​token, whose pre-sale activity continues unabated. The AI ​​token is a cryptocurrency conforming to the ERC-20 protocol and is used to purchase credits to create memes on the platform. The pre-sale of the Al token consists of 20 stages. Thus, the price of AiDoge token increases at every stage. The initial exchange listing price is planned to be 0.0000336.

To purchase AiDoge tokens;

Step 1: Download Metamask

Step 2: Buy ETH, BNB or USDT

Step 3: Transfer crypto tokens to wallet

Step 4: Connect Wallet and click ‘Buy AiDoge’


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