Altcoin Supported by Turks With the News of ‘Billionaire Will Get’ Flyed!


According to the news in the football world, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovic, former owner of Chelsea, one of the English Premier League teams, is interested in buying Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Göztepe. With the addition of Istanbul Başakşehir FK to this list, a related altcoin took flight.

News to buy Russian billionaire blows altcoin project

Roman Abramovic had previously made a move to buy Göztepe. However, an agreement could not be reached in the development that the Turkish football community watched closely. The Russian billionaire has been after new clubs in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, ever since. One of the most recent allegations in this regard was the news that Istanbul Başakşehir would buy FK. On top of that, Başakşehir’s fan token, IBFK, rallied over 50%. At the time of writing, it retains a large portion of that earnings.

In summary, Istanbul Başakşehir Fan Token (IBFK) climbed from 20 TL to over 30 TL amid rumors about the Russian billionaire. IBFK is currently trading at $1.40 against the dollar. It is among the current claims that Abramovic may also buy Kasımpaşa or İstanbulspor instead of Başakşehir.

Chiliz (CHZ) gains 10% on Upbit listing

Chiliz, another fan token rallying this week, gained double-digit value after crashing during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Also, the price action came just after South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange announced that it had listed seven cryptocurrencies affiliated with the most established European football clubs. The new list includes FC Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, Manchester City, Napoli, Inter Milan, Arsenal and Atletico Madrid.

CHZ also woke up BNB Chain whales during the rally. Two BNB whales have withdrawn over $2 million Chiliz (CHZ) from Binance, according to LookOnChain data. One whale sold 8,899,972 CHZ, while the next trade by another BNB whale bought 9,435,590 more. To recap, the aforementioned whales pulled back $2.1 million after Upbit announced that it had included seven of Europe’s top football club tokens.

Despite being in decline for much of the second half of 2022, Chiliz is now emerging as one of the most used smart contracts this week and one of the top five highest-paid smart contracts of the week. According to CoinGecko, CHZ, ranked 57th at the time of writing, is trading at $0.1081. It has moved relatively flat in the last 24 hours. The team behind Chiliz (CHZ) is now preparing for the launch of Chiliz 2.0. In November 2022, the developers released Scoville Tesnet Phase 5, which allows new testnet staking and management. cryptocoin.comWe have included the current price estimates in this article.


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