Analyst Predicting Crashes: These 2 Altcoins Can Be Pumped!


An analyst who predicted that Bitcoin will bottom at $6,100 and $10,300 in 2020 is mapping the next bull for 2 altcoins. The expert’s predictions came at a time when the sales in the market cooled for a short time.

DonAlt shared the details of the bull scenario for these 2 altcoins

The Youtube analyst sees a huge buying opportunity for one of its Ethereum competitors. You can check out DonAlt’s previous accurate predictions from this article. The analyst has now said that Solana (SOL), which has lost more than 90% since last year, could bounce back with a massive rally. The ambitious forecasts come at a time when Solana sales are stagnating. DonAlt updates the short-term outlook like this:

Investors heavily shorted the SOL. I actually see $4.20 as an ideal level… But to be honest, I don’t think we’re going to get there. This is a structure that I like to buy as in the current weekly view, but also one where the market has completely disappeared. We are now experiencing some buying and another secondary capitulation event. I usually like to buy these. I believe there will be a move from $10 to $16 soon.

DonAlt predicted that Solana price could climb from $10 to $16 in the short term. SOL is currently trading above $12, up over 10% in the last 24 hours. If DonAlt’s predictions come true, that would mean an increase of over 43% for Solana. Meanwhile, Solana started the new year with a strong rally. cryptocoin.comWe have included the behind the scenes of the rally in this article.

DonAlt plans to buy Ethereum at these levels

The crypto analyst says that when it comes to Ethereum, the leading altcoin is showing relative strength, but needs to break a key resistance level before it can rise:

Let’s say ETH continues to rise from current levels and the nearest resistance at $1,300 will seem to reverse the trend after this level.

Ethereum is trading just above $1,200 at the time of writing. DonAlt also says that Ethereum is experiencing a lot of bullishness in 2022:

The biggest prospect we still have in crypto; Ethereum becoming deflationary. We still haven’t fully experienced that game. I think it stays in the background because the whole market is in bad shape. But I keep my hope. If it drops to $800 then I will buy from this region. If it drops to $700 I will buy it again. On the other hand, if it shows some strength above $1,300, I would be more than willing to take a larger position. Because I think there is a lot in the future for ETH. It’s just that the market as a whole is pulling it down.


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