Analyst: These 4 Metaverse Coins Could Be the Star of June!


Cryptocurrency metaverse coin frenzy had indeed peaked for the year 2022. Now everyone is wondering what moves these cryptocurrencies will make in a new bull season. That’s why shared thoughts have an extremely important place.

These 4 Metaverse Coins Get Attention

Twitter’di CryptoFaibik analyst shares his views at this point. Accordingly, the analyst states that SAND, AXS, ENJ and MANA are four promising metaverse coins. The analyst used charts to forecast upside targets for each of the identified cryptocurrencies. CryptoFaibik states that MANA will make a full recovery, climbing to $5.79 in the bounce.

Also, the analyst specifically points to SAND, AXS, ENJ and MANA as the 4 metaverse coins that look promising for June and July. CryptoFaibik explains the position of each token using graphical screenshots along with some graphical analysis.</

Using a three-day chart of SAND/USDT from Binance, CryptoFaibik reveals that the metaverse coin SAND has been on a bearish diagonal channel since November 2021. Since then, the price has declined from $8.5. Accordingly, there were intermittent pullbacks up to the current price of $ 0.5. In other words, it experienced a steady decline. In the process, SAND lost about 94% of its value. According to analyst CryptoFaibik, SAND’s fortunes are about to change. He predicts an upside break that will see SAND rise towards the $2.2 price zone.

What does he think about other cryptocurrencies?

CryptoFaibik predicts a similar trend development for AXS, which exhibits the same model as SAND. AXS fell from $171.85 to $6.9 on a similar downside diagonal. AXS has lost nearly 96% of its value. However, CryptoFaibik has the idea that the trend will reverse. He predicts an upside break will push metaverse coin AXS to around $29.82 in two months.

For the metaverse coin ENJ, CryptoFaibik has drawn a descending triangle where the token has already made its first breakout. The analyst thinks the price will bounce back after it pulls back to retest current support. Thus, ENJ is trending upwards. Accordingly, the current price of the metaverse coin ENJ is $0.3272. The analyst emphasizes $ 1.0076 in the first place. ENJ, on the other hand, fell from $4,999 in November 2021. This indicates that it has lost 93% of its value. CryptoFaibik, whose opinions we occasionally provide, points to a long-lasting downtrend of MANA. Accordingly, he predicts that after this downtrend, the metaverse coin MANA is on the verge of exiting a symmetrical triangle. MANA dropped from $5.9 in November 2021 to its current price of $0.45. This drop represents a 92% loss that the analyst thinks the price will recover. CryptoFaibik predicts that MANA will make a full recovery, climbing to $5.79 during the bounce.


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