Analyst Who Knows Bitcoin Crashes: This Altcoin is Shitcoin!


Capo, one of the popular analysts of Twitter, included statements that ridiculed Justin Sun. Known for his accurate Bitcoin predictions, the analyst calls some Sun-named altcoins ‘shitcoin’. Bitcoin (BTC) price and detailed market data from hereyou can see.

Hot Bitcoin analyst mocks TRON founder

The famous crypto analyst, nicknamed ‘il Capo of Crypto’, taunted TRON founder Justin Sun for his difficult struggle in the middle of the FUD news. The crypto analyst tweeted a video with Sun describing TRON as a shitcoin. The video references an old tweet in which he predicted a drop for TRON. The analyst, who was right in his predictions for TRON, correctly predicted that in 2021 BTC would fall from the peak to $ 50,000.

In the original tweet dated November 10, 2022, Capo added a screenshot of his technical analysis. He predicted a downside break from the descending triangle on the chart. The forecast took less than four days to come true. As a result, TRON dropped to $0.05, its lowest price since July 2021. Video link and technical analysis:

Justin Sun, Huobi, Tron and USDD in trouble

TRON price continued its sideways trend with little sign of recovery as the year ended. Less than a week into the new year, it seems to be struggling to hold onto critical support. TRON’s price has started another sharp decline that has led to il Capo’s final blow. Attached to the video edited in his tweet is the text “I’m shorting your Shit coins Justin Sun”.

TRON’s crisis is linked to the struggles of the crypto exchange Huobi, of which Sun is a consultant. Huobi has been struggling since removing Chinese users from its platform. Huobi plans to lay off an additional 20% of its staff in a new attempt to cut costs. Reportedly, Huobi wants to maintain a very lean team. cryptocoin.comWe have included the developments around the stock market in this article.

Sun spoke on Twitter to reassure Huobi users about the stability of the exchange. He attributed the falling market prices to the news of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Sun tells users that Huobi’s strategy is to ignore FUD and keep building. He also stated that the exchange remained true to its mission and promised to provide a reliable and reliable platform for them.

However, Huobi, Tron and USDD are in a difficult position despite the ‘assurance’ calls from Sun. Huobi has raised $60.9 million in funding in the last 28 hours. Meanwhile, stablecoin USDD is losing its dollar stability. It fell to $ 0.9754 during the day. More interesting was the $150 million money transfer between Binance and Justin Sun.


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