Analysts Named 3 Altcoins That Will Explode!


Good things are happening for Polygon (MATIC) in the latest news from the cryptocurrency market: partnerships with Warner Music, NIKE, Instagram and Starbucks are just a few examples. However, other altcoin projects have also started to clarify their 2023 roadmap. Here are those altcoins that analysts expect to explode with the news…

These altcoin projects take action on recent news

The first project on the list is Quickswap, which is Polygon-based and Polygon-specific. Initially a Uniswap fork, it has many of the great features of Uniswap and a few additional features. Analysts believe Quickswap is the smoothest swap experience. It also emphasizes that it is a multi-chain network.

Quickswap works exactly the way you think it should. Besides Metamask, any Polygon or WalletConnect is integrated. However, it is designed to have a maximum supply of 1 million tokens.

In addition, the project also has staking pools where you can earn passive income. Let’s also mention that it is the Blockchain that produces the most fees on the market at the moment.


Augur was an Ethereum-based betting platform. It then migrated to the Polygon network. The project offers content related to gambling in general. However, it also offers trading services thanks to an automated market maker.

Financial derivatives, in particular, is one of the big emerging trends in crypto. More and more traffic firms are coming to cryptocurrency to buy, sell and transact. They want more sophisticated tools and an almost instant solution that comes with Blockchain.

Finally, Augur is one of the few projects in crypto where we can say that. All of its total supply is circulating. No new tokens are coming to the market. No artificial pricing based on low token volatility.

Another important Polygon-based altcoin project: Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a launchpad unique to Polygon. According to analysts, it definitely falls into the potential high risk/high reward category.

Launchpads are now generally out of favor. Many new projects are waiting to start until the market improves. Understandable. But when bottoming out, there will be a pent-up demand for launch pads for projects. The first feature of Kommunitas is the KYC system.

Let’s also say it’s completely decentralized. That is, there is no one to approve or reject you and there are no KYC requirements. You can only buy and stake KOM from any Web3 wallet. A fully decentralized launchpad platform where anyone can fund any project they want as long as they buy KOM.

Meanwhile, token distribution is also highly decentralized. Only 5% to the team and the largest portion, 15%, goes to both the Public Sale and Liquidity rewards. V2 Staking is now available, where you can get a solid and realistic 10% return by staking your KOM. This is when you wait to buy the project they want. cryptocoin.comWe are transferring similar projects on this page.


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