Are Artificial Intelligence Regulations Close? These Coins Are Affected!


The 49th G7 summit, held in Hiroshima, Japan, highlighted the unanimous agreement among participating countries on the need for governance in the field of productive artificial intelligence (AI). Leaders of the G7 countries stressed the importance of adopting global technical standards for artificial intelligence. Here are the details…

Artificial intelligence drew attention at the G7 Summit

Leaders expressed concern about the disruptive potential of this technology, emphasizing the need for regular updates in the governance of the emerging digital economy to ensure compliance with democratic values. This consensus emerged as the European Union (EU) took steps to enact legislation that would regulate artificial intelligence, and possibly the world’s first comprehensive AI regulation. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, emphasized the desire for artificial intelligence systems to be accurate, reliable and free of discrimination.

High-level meetings will be held among G7 countries to further discuss this issue. A comprehensive report is expected by the end of the year. During the summit, As we have also reported, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, has attracted the attention of many leaders. The G7 countries aim to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with artificial intelligence. However, the rapid progress of ChatGPT and similar technologies in recent months has pushed other companies to develop more advanced artificial intelligence systems. It led the authorities to consider enacting regulations to govern this area.

What measures are countries taking?

The UK is currently working on a draft to oversee the risks and benefits associated with AI. Meanwhile, Japan is considering creating less stringent regulations compared to those introduced by the EU. G7 leaders are realizing the potential of artificial intelligence. However, they also recognize the need for responsible and ethical development. Discussions and initiatives at the summit underline their determination to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence while protecting it from its negative consequences.

The call for global standards reflects the belief that collaboration is essential to effectively governing AI. Moreover, discussions during the G7 summit point to a growing recognition of the role that AI will play in shaping the future of economies around the world. Governments address challenges and formulate regulations. Thus, it plans to promote innovation. It strives to create an environment that protects individuals and society as a whole.

Will cryptocurrencies be affected as well?

The field and regulation of artificial intelligence also concerns cryptocurrencies. Because AI coins operating in this field attract attention. Following the developments in the G7, some AI coins rose while others fell. Arcona, DeepBrain Chain, AICHAIN, Ispolilink and Render Token, which increased the most in 24 hours. These coins have increased by 33, 23, 18, 16 and 10 percent respectively in the last 24 hours. But there are also AI coins that are losing value. At the beginning of these is AIPAD with a decrease of 11 percent. Then comes AGRS with a 9.65 percent decrease. ABT, FOAM and CIRUS fell by 9, 7 and 7 percent, respectively.


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