Attention: ONE and These 7 Altcoins Are Delisting from Bitfinex!


While the cryptocurrency market is trying to gain new momentum, some projects are receiving bad news. Just as there is getting into the list of major crypto exchanges, there is also getting out. Exchanges decide to remove tokens from their lists as a result of periodic reviews. In a recent development, leading crypto exchange Bitfinex announced that it has decided to remove 8 altcoin projects, including ONE, from its high school.

Bitfinex removes 8 altcoin projects from its list! As you follow from , morale in the market is increasing. There is also an increase in experts claiming that we have come to the end of the winter market! However, summer is not coming for everyone. Projects that receive bad news on the eve of a new bull run tend to be e.g. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex decided to part ways with the tokens of 8 altcoin projects. In its announcement, the Stock Exchange announced that it will remove BTSE, CLO, DGB, MOB, ONE, PLANETS, RBTS and LAI from its list. In this context, Bitfinex shared the following from its official X account:

Bitfinex says goodbye to 8 tokens. These are: BTSE Token (BTSE), Callisto Network (CLO), DigiByte (DGB), MobileCoin (MOB), Harmony (ONE), PlanetWatch (PLANETS), Rootstock BTC (RBTC) and LayerAI (LAI). Withdrawals will remain open until 02.01.2024 at 1:30.

Bitfinex stated that they made this decision in line with their commitment to providing the best trading experience. He underlined that they constantly monitor all altcoin projects on the list. He noted that they made this decision as a result of reviewing the listing qualifications. Meanwhile, the exchange will close deposits and trading for BTSE, CLO, DGB, MOB, ONE, PLANETS and RBTC at 16:30 CET on November 9.

The crypto exchange also explained how the process will work

Meanwhile, Bitfinex had closed deposits and trading for altcoin LAI on October 16 to facilitate token swaps as previously announced. Following completion of the swap, Bitfinex decided not to open trading and deposits of the new LAI token. For its latest delist decision, the cryptocurrency exchange warned users as follows:

We would like to remind our customers to cancel any open orders with the above tokens before November 9th. All remaining open orders will be canceled by the system… We advise our customers to withdraw these tokens as soon as possible.

The exchange stated that its users who are unable to withdraw funds before the specified date and time and wish to withdraw them later will be subject to Bitfinex’s Delisted Token Recovery Policy. However, he noted that there would be a recovery fee for this. He also noted that this transaction will only be valid for up to two months after the withdrawal closes.


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