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Attention To This Crypto Platform: Alleged To Print Fake Altcoins!


The news from the giant blockchain data platform DefiLlama shocked many altcoin investors. With the statements made by the platform’s pseudonymous 0xngmi employee on the social media platform Twitter, a great discussion took place among the employees of the data company! The allegations of the employee named 0xngmi are extremely heavy! Here are the details…

Heavy accusations from the ex-DefiLlama employee had a huge impact!

The latest news from the cryptocurrency market has shocked many investors. An employee of the blockchain data platform DefiLlama, nicknamed 0xngmi, made shocking confessions about the company’s founding names. The employee made allegations about the founding names that they launched an unsupported coin. However, the rest of the team took a hard line on the allegations and caused a big mess.

DefiLlama employee 0xngmi, who made a statement on Twitter, stated that on-chain accounts were not hacked, “There is an ongoing attempt to launch a token that does not represent us, we do not want to be associated with it.” He got his word. Cryptocurrency communities on Twitter, on the other hand, are extremely surprised by the discussion between the team.

Experts recommend staying away from some altcoin projects for a while

As we previously reported as cryptokoin.com, DefiLlama had hints that they could launch a new altcoin project. The giant cryptocurrency company stated that the actions of the employee named 0xngmi were completely independent of the company, and claimed that there was no hostile move. However, the company made the following statements:

Llama Corp. will continue to operate DefiLlama as it has for the past three years. 0xngmi’s actions are sad. We aim to solve problems in a private and friendly way.

The data shows that the platform that 0xngmi, a former employee of the company, forked, now serves as Llama.fi. In the post that came to the fore in the platform’s Telegram account, it is stated that 0xngmi and several team members claimed that their actions harmed the company and that the real owner took over the management in a hostile manner. Experts advise investors to stay away from any Altcoin linked to DefiLlama for now, after many events in the cryptocurrency market.

What is DeFiLlama?

On the other hand, DeFiLlama is a subsidiary of Llama Corp. Building the decentralized future with data analytics, infrastructure, payments, cross-chain and media solutions used by more than 10 million users, the collective Llama Corp stands out as one of the leading companies in the industry.


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