Auros Files For Bankruptcy Protection


auroras, FTXin about 20 millionThe company has filed for bankruptcy protection due to an asset freeze.

having a tough time NovemberFollowing the month of May, a new era has begun in the crypto industry. FTX The collapse and declaration of bankruptcy of ‘s also dragged millions of people to loss. This collapse, in which billions of dollars of assets evaporated, drove many crypto organizations into bankruptcy. As the end of the year approaches, auroras A new move came. market making company, FTXHe filed for bankruptcy protection, citing his stagnant assets.

Auros Requests Liquidator from Court

crypto exchange FTXwith the bankruptcy of 20 milliondollar company assets frozen aurorasactually went bankrupt.

The company stated that it could not continue without these assets and applied to the court for bankruptcy protection. According to court documents auroras, British Virgin IslandsCompleted the required process to initiate bankruptcy proceedings in .

Exposed to FTX, the trading platform continued its operations by making a series of deals with various lenders. However, according to the files, the company is in a position to show continuity.

The trading platform requested a liquidation order from the court and as a liquidator Interpath Advisoryhe demanded.


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