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Barry Silbert Responds to Cameron Winklevoss


Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert responded to the claims of Gemini founder Cameron Winklevoss.

Silbert responded to Cameron Winklevoss’ letter in which he mentioned DCG’s $1.6 billion debt.

Barry Silbert Responds to Allegations

Silbert denied the allegations of non-payment and assured that DCG did not miss any interest payments, that all outstanding loans were up to date, and that the next payment was in May 2023.

In addition, Silbert shared the knowledge that his company is in an effort to propose a solution for Gemini Earn users that has not yet been accepted.

Silbert’s tweet came in response to a letter written and published by Cameron Winklevoss.

According to Winklevoss’ letter, DCG’s subsidiary, Genesis, circumvented Gemini by using “malicious distraction tactics.”

Winklevoss stated that Silbert did not do anything about it and said that this was unacceptable. Additionally, he urged Silbert to take responsibility for his actions and gave him until 8 January.


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