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BAYC Brings Hope to the NFT Market!


Yuga Labssupported NFTproject Bored Ape Yacht Club ( BAIC) instilled hope, closing the year with a base price of around 70 Ethereum (ETH).

NFT, which was quickly adopted and reached millions of people, became the most popular industry of a time. NFTs attracted great attention with their different designs and unique models. However, the decline in the crypto market also negatively affected the NFT industry. Many projects went through difficult days as they could not find demand. The NFT sector disrupted by 2022 found hope with BAYC supported by Yuga Labs. BAYC closed the year with a base price of 70 ETH, worth about $82k.

Yuga Labs Dominates NFT Industry With BAYC In The Midst Of Legal Processes

BAICthis year all NFT It attracted attention by holding the highest base price among its projects. On the other hand, Yuga labssupported CryptoPunksThe base price is gradually decreasing. CryptoPunks, 60Ethereum ( ETH) are sold at levels.

Back in November, BAYC was in demand in the shadow of CryptoPunks products for a while. The project, which attracted great interest, managed to become the most important NFT project of recent times. On the other hand BAIC , the base price peaked in May. Popular collection, in May 409 thousandworth a dollar 145 ETHIt formed the basis for .

Overall, Yuga Labs managed to sell the most expensive collections of 2022. Yuga Labs accounted for 8 of the 12 most expensive NFT transactions this year.


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