Beware of These 3 Events: Bitcoin, DOGE and SHIB Will Be Affected!


2022 was a tough year, especially for the cryptocurrency market. While the world welcomes 2023, the macroeconomic ground remains uncertain. Macroeconomic events will continue to shape the crypto economy and the economy as a whole. In this article, let’s examine the three most important macroeconomic events to consider in 2023, closely related to Bitcoin, DOGE and SHIB.

Pay attention to these 3 developments for Bitcoin, DOGE and SHIB

The Ukraine-Russia War is one of the macroeconomic events that may affect the global economy and world assets in 2023. After Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s speech, it became clear that war would be at his discretion. His speech shows that he will continue the war in Europe despite the West’s actions to stop Russia by imposing significant financial sanctions on the country. As in 2022, the ongoing war in Europe will affect world assets in 2023 as war and sanctions cause energy prices to skyrocket and supply chains to break.


Stocks, cryptocurrencies and precious metals have been grappling with the macroeconomic effects of Covid-19 for over three years. According to multiple reports, Covid-19 is starting again in China. The government has stopped publishing Covid case numbers. Covid in China worried global investors in 2022 and moved on to 2023. The pandemic has brought certain supply chains to a standstill over the past few years. The reason for this concern is that global trade is in trouble. Covid affected crypto prices as ‘Black Thursday’ in March 2020 showed Bitcoin (BTC) falling below the $4,000 zone after the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic.

Central Bank and FED Increases

Central banks such as the US Federal Reserve have increased benchmark interest rates significantly after suppressing benchmark bank rates during the Covid-19 pandemic and 2020’s big stimulus injection. Whenever the Fed raised rates, it caused huge fluctuations in precious metals, stocks and cryptos. Interest rate increases are macroeconomic events that have managed to shake the world lending rates to a large extent. For example, the fixed 30-year interest rate for a mortgage in the US today is 7.9%. The interest rate is much higher than the 3,815% 30-year fixed interest rate on a US mortgage in January 2022. Raising or lowering the interest rate is a macroeconomic event. Historical data shows that these always cause market fluctuations.

Meanwhile, macroeconomic events are volatile for a stock, precious metal or cryptocurrency. The events mentioned above have an impact on global markets and world assets. But it also leads them to disaster. In this sense, 2023 is likely to yield the same results. Because 2022 shows that events such as the war in Europe, Covid-19 and interest rate hikes move all markets.


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