Binance Partners With This Cryptocurrency Project!


BNB Chain, the Binance-backed Blockchain, announced in a new announcement today its new crypto project that it will work with in the Web3 and GameFi spaces.

Binance announces new partner for Web3 and GameFi studies

BNB Chain continues its efforts to lead GameFi development despite the brutal market conditions in 2022. The latest move in this direction was its partnership with According to the announcement, the collaboration will enable both parties to work together on GameFi dApps development, Technical Research and Community Growth. In addition, the partnership includes group games, Web3 discussions and competitions in which both communities can participate. BNB Chain will continue to develop the world’s leading GameFi ecosystem with the help of

In the official announcement, BNB Chain said, “With the help of, we continue to develop the leading GameFi ecosystem in the Web3 space. Together we will work on GameFi dApps development, technical research and community development. We look forward to involving more users as a result. “As we continue to lead the GameFi space, we are excited to announce a new partnership.”

BNB Chain is the Blockchain network where developers can create DApps as part of the transition to Web3. As of October 2022, it is the leading smart contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users. In September, it processed 3 billion transactions from 163 million unique addresses. However, it has an ecosystem of more than 1,300 active DApps. (GAFI) price spikes after announcement

Meanwhile, the price of (GAFI) gained around 3% after the announcement. GAFI ranks 404th by market capitalization. It is trading at $5.43 at the time of writing.

Why is important for Web3 development? is the all-encompassing hub for game finance. It also provides a one-stop shop to game studios, gamers, investors and other ends. It is simultaneously the first marketplace to enable cross-game trading of in-game items and NFTs. Its ecosystem includes 5 categories: Launchpad, Accelerator, Aggregator, Marketplace and Yield Guilds, Launchpad. Web3 projects develop various business models. Here are some options you can find on

  • Staking: stake GAFI to get GameFi’s tiers and join IGO on GameFi’s launchpad.
  • Discounts: GAFI holders receive discounts on trading and yield fees.
  • Liquidity support: A portion of the ecosystem fees is used to support the liquidity of the token in the secondary market.
  • Management: GAFI stakeholders have the ability to suggest the direction of the ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem Fees: Includes market transaction fees, acceleration fees for Launchpad & Accelerator, and return-for-earning fees from P2P funded through Yield Guild.


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