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Binance Turkey Met with University Students


Binance Turkeymet with university students as part of its efforts to increase financial literacy awareness.

Global crypto exchange Binancethe arm of Binance Turkey continues its efforts on blockchain adoption and financial literacy at full speed. Binance Turkey, within the scope of these studies, Istanbul Technical University ( ITU) and Istanbul University Met with students from In the event, detailed information was given to the students about the transformation that will take place within the framework of blockchain technology. Finally Binance TurkeyHe talked about his activities and goals.

Binance Turkey Organized an Event with University Students

world’s largest blockchainand one of the crypto ecosystems Binance, Turkey He works hard to raise awareness in the field of blockchain technologies in Turkey. In this context Binance Turkey, IstanbulHe met with students from two important universities in Turkey.

at the event Binance Turkeyof GrowthManager Ali serdar Birdmanmade a presentation to university students. BirdmanIn the presentation of blockchain The effects of the transformation that will be experienced in the axis of technology were discussed in detail. Also in the presentation, BinanceThe advantages provided by the ecosystem were also included.

Binance Turkey University students showed great interest in the event organized by . Events held at two different universities from 200 More students participated. The event continued in the form of questions and answers after the presentation.

Binance Turkey, in order to support increasing the level of financial literacy, ITUand Istanbul University He organized events in Global company Turkeybranch meets with students at many universities.


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