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Binance Ukraine Announced! Crypto Era in Pharmacies


Ukraine-based pharmacy chain ANC Pharmacy, Binance ShareEnables crypto payments via

Binance has been active in Ukraine for the past few years. in September 2022 Binance, UkrainianBy partnering with the supermarket chain Varus, it Binance Share allowed him to pay for grocery shopping through his wallet. now too UkraineIt will enable payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin at the pharmacy chain in .

Binance Expands Its Services in Ukraine

Ukraine’sone of the largest pharmacy chains ANC Pharmacy, contactless crypto payment service Binance SharePartnered with Binance Ukraine to launch cryptocurrency payments via

The pharmacy chain announced on Tuesday that ANC Pharmacy will allow customers to pay instantly when purchasing pharmacy products online, starting January 3.

ANC Pharmacy operates more than 1,000 pharmacies across Ukraine and operates its online pharmacy service. According to an official announcement, Binance Pay payments will first be made available in pharmacies in Kiev.

The new payment feature will be available at ANC pharmacies as well as pharmacies such as Kopiyka and Shara operated by ANC Pharmacy.


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