Binance’s decision will affect DOGE and SHIB: 23 names are on the list


DOGE/BUSD and SHIB/BUSD will be removed from Binance on November 9. After this decision, which includes 23 margin trading pairs, two popular memecoins will also be affected.

23 margin pairs listed

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on November 9 that it will delist 23 margin trading pairs, including ADA/BUSD, APE/BUSD, AVAX/BUSD, BCH/BUSD, DOT/BUSD, LTC/BUSD, MATIC/BUSD and more.

On the other hand, Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), the two largest memecoins by market cap, will be affected by the delisting of DOGE/BUSD and SHIB/BUSD. In the statement made on the subject, the following statements were used:

“Binance Margin will close users’ positions, perform an automatic settlement, and cancel all pending orders on the aforementioned cross and isolated margin pairs. These pairs will then be removed from the Margin. Users can continue to trade the above assets on other trading pairs available on Binance Margin.”

The exchange had previously announced that these are all BUSD trading pairs and that the marketplace will cut support for the stablecoin at the beginning of 2024. Binance advised users to convert their BUSD assets into other assets before February 2024.


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