Bitcoin Could Move With This Trend For 6 To 12 Months!


Crypto data provider centiment, Bitcoin ( BTC) current market conditions on the 6 to 12 monthsHe stated that he could continue.

In recent days, Bitcoin has been moving in a certain range. Having spent the year with major crashes and strong selling pressures, BTC barely moved in December. End FTX Things have not yet settled in the leading cryptocurrency, which is thought to be in the recovery process, as the effects of the events have passed. The pessimistic mood and demand problems on the Bitcoin mining side have attracted attention recently. Data provider in the crypto industry centiment, current market conditions for Bitcoin 6 to 12 monthsHe claimed it would continue.

Analysis Body Thinks Current Market Conditions for Bitcoin Will Continue

Crypto data and analytics provider centiment, Bitcoin ( BTCHe thinks that the market conditions, which move in a certain region and are in a downtrend, will continue.

centiment According to , the pessimistic mood prevailing in the crypto industry will continue. One of the main reasons for this may be that the global economy is also facing the danger of recession.

The crypto analytics platform made this claim as a key indicator of long-term price direction. In this indicator, the results of whale movements were targeted. Platform, 1,000 to 100,000number BTCHe stated that the whales holding the fish had the impression of net sellers.

providing basis for the allegation. centiment, “The group of BTC holders holding 1,000 to 100,000 BTC is known to be a good indicator of long-term price direction. By analyzing their behavior, we can try to understand what can be hidden for the price. Lately, they seem to be net sellers and the price repeats the same.”said.

Moreover centiment, BTCprice is not yet a base price ( bottom region) also pointed out that it may not have created. 7 daysAnalyzing whale movements, the platform claimed that a decrease can be seen to form a floor price.

Finally, due to the platform, volume gaps and floor price $14,600and $12,200 targeted levels. These levels BTCemerged as an important point of support for


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