Bitcoin is 14 Years Old! BTC Price Moves


Revolutionizing the global economy, Bitcoin ( BTC), January 3, 2009After its implementation in 14thcelebrating his birthday.

Started by Satoshi Nakamoto and turned into a global revolution years later bitcoin, today 14th celebrating his birthday. After the years bitcoin led to the emergence of thousands of cryptocurrencies. The leading cryptocurrency managed to survive despite all the difficult economic conditions. Moreover BTC It has been the choice of millions of people between bear and bull cycles. In the crypto money market, which started the new year with bull hopes, movements in the BTC price were observed.

Bitcoin Revolutionized!

Bitcoin, which was introduced as a decentralized payment tool ( BTC), between challenging processes and various doodles 14thhas come of age. Satoshi Nakamoto, exactly 14 years ago today bitcoinlaunched the .

Initially seen only as a tool of illegal trade bitcoin Over time, it has become a global investment tool. Countries adopt and begin to accept, bitcoinIt has increased the hopes that . will become a global payment instrument.

Satoshi Nakamoto

2009 The leading crypto, which emerged with an open source software in the year 2000, has gained such fame as the official currency of a country these days. Also the first BTCtransfer, satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney. For this reason, many crypto experts believe that Finney is actually satoshithinks it is.

On the other hand bitcoin attracted attention with the economic revolution it created. In the future BTCWhere and how it will be used is eagerly awaited.

Bitcoin Celebrates Birthday! What’s Happening in BTC Price?

Bitcoin, which has been in the fixed price range for a long time ( BTC ), has made a slight upward jump in recent days. The leading crypto has also mobilized altcoins with this rise.

for the last three days BTC , green candles indicate that it may experience a cycle change. On the face of it, however, it has not yet gained a strong bullish support.

December 30on 16,333BTC, which pinned the dollar level, in the first days of the new year 16,799returned from the dollar level. December 16After the decline in BTCprice 17,000It could not stay on the dollar.

14thleading crypto celebrating its birthday, 17,000If it breaks the resistance point at the dollar level 17,580 It could touch the strong resistance in the dollar. Who has not yet got the bulls behind him BTCmay return to the same point in case of possible resistance failure.

Many crypto analysts think that the new year will be better for BTC. Looking at the chart situation, there was no noticeable increase in volume. However, the leading crypto may appetize the bulls after the first resistance point to break.

Strengthening of the ascension and breaking the resistance points, BTCin terms of 18,000and 18,500 indicates that dollar levels may come. Of course, this will also depend on the absence of bad weather conditions in the global economy and the crypto market.

On the other hand, the leading crypto has a close support point. 16,450 rely on dollars. If this level is lost, 16,000dollars and 15,500 dollar looks on the table. When viewed, BTCThere is no bearish pressure to break these support points.

Finally BTC continues to instill hope by showing a green candle for three consecutive days. Small-scale rises also move the overall crypto market to buy.


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