Bitcoin is in the Risk Zone! April 1 Bitcoin (BTC) Analysis


The selling pressure that came with Bitcoin exceeding $ 29 thousand pushed the crypto investor to indecision, how is BTC progressing? Current BTC analysis.

With BTC making its recent peak BinanceAnd CZoriginating from growing sales prints It also surprised investors. BTC, which has withdrawn by testing $ 29,150, is almost He’s fighting for $28,000.over a wide period of time It is clear from the current course of the market that the $28,000 level is of critical importance.

Bitcoin (BTC) Chart Analysis

fud news with the negative scenarioBTC, which fell to 26.900 levels, gathered strength in a short time and showed an increase. $27,800by overcoming the resistance at the level of appetite thanks to greedy buyers. $28,500 levels had arrived. of the uptrend continue able toThis resistance, which is an important criterion for overcame by a voluminous buying pressure . crypto investors voluminous buying behavioron the BTC side Instant rise of $ 29,180brought it with it.

BTC, which is currently hovering around $ 28.200 – $ 28.600, Looking at the big picture, it continues to watch in the intermediate position.In order to form healthy upward data, Persistence above $28,400 plays an important role. Persistence above the resistance may bring BTC to $29,150 again. In a possible downward price movement, respectively, The $27,700 – $26,800 levels can act as support.


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