Bitcoin Mining Company Rebrands


Bitcoin ( BTC) mining company Riot Blockchain, for rebranding purposes Riot Platformschanged to.

The decline of the cryptocurrency market throughout the year has negatively impacted many Bitcoin mining companies. One of these companies, Riot Blockchain, attracted attention with the loss of revenue in the third quarter. However, the company managed to survive with working conditions and asset management. Finally Riot Blockchain has changed its name as part of the rebranding. The new name of the company Riot Platformswas changed to.

Bitcoin Mining Company Riot Rebranded for Commercial Operations

The largest Bitcoin in the industry ( BTC) one of the mining companies Riot Blockchain rebranded. Company, “Blockchain”removed the phrase from his name and replaced it “Platforms”got the phrase.

Riot Platforms The company, which continues its services under the name of the company, made such a choice to reflect its diversified commercial operations. CEO of the company Jason Les, “The scope and scale of our businesses continues to expand, and this rebranding better reflects our position as strategic distributors of capital to increasingly expand the scope of our Bitcoin-focused operations.” said.

Popular BTC The miner aims to reach more reflection in the industry under the name Riot Platforms. In challenging crypto mining processes, RiotThis step he took drew attention.


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