Bitcoin shook: Pepe (PEPE) couldn’t resist!


Bitcoin ( BTC) could not exceed 35 thousand 990 dollars and withdrew sharply, Pepe ( PEPE) created a decline of more than 10 percent.

BTC The fact that ‘s started to loosen before it could clearly test $ 36,000 shook the altcoin market. While declines exceeding 10 percent were observed in some altcoins, most of them recorded a decline of nearly 6 percent. Rigidly keeping up with BTC’s price movements PEPE , this time it upset its investors. When the leader of cryptocurrencies retreated to $ 34,500, the popular memecoin lost 11.72 percent in value. Most A lot losers” ranked third on the list.

The decrease in the last week exceeded 25 percent!

PEPE, which managed to reach $ 0.00000136 after BTC hit $ 35,990, again exhibited great volatility due to the BTC effect. Memecoin, which has decreased by 25.04 percent in the last week and nearly 12 percent in the last 24 hours, reached $ 0.00000107. In order for the upward expectations on the PEPE side to continue, $0.00000102 must be maintained as support. In a scenario where the support level works, the resistance levels that can be followed will be 0.00000120 – 0.00000128 and 0.000000133 dollars, respectively.

The fall of Memecoins, the sharp decline of BTC or the continuation of the dominance of sell-side transactions in PEPE will pull the price to support points. In such a case, the levels to which withdrawal can be expected are 0.00000095 – 0.00000091 – 0.00000086 – 0.00000083 – 0.00000071 – 0.00000065 and 0.00000060 dollars, respectively.


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