Bitcoin Stamp on Divorce Case!


While a couple was in the process of divorce, the course of the case changed when the wife found her husband’s Bitcoin wallet.

An interesting development regarding the crypto wallets used by early investors of Bitcoin took place in the USA. The US couple experienced an unprecedented event during the division of property in the divorce case.

The Course of the Case Changed When His Wife Found Her Husband’s Bitcoin Wallet

An unprecedented event about crypto wallets, which Bitcoin’s early investors used quite often, took place in the USA. A divorced woman accessed her husband’s Bitcoin wallet. The wife, who had access to the wallet, entered into a search because she suspected her husband’s assets.

The divorcee initially suspected that her husband, who earned $3 million a year, had not disclosed all the assets that would be divided between the two at the time of the divorce.

A New York couple’s divorce filing changed when a forensic accountant helped track down the husband’s 12 Bitcoins.

The couple had been married for 10 years, but the man’s wife suspected that her husband had not disclosed all of his assets. The housewife, nicknamed Sarita, explained to CNBC that her husband makes $3 million a year, which does not reflect his declared assets.

The woman appointed a forensic accountant who eventually found that her husband failed to disclose 12 BTC worth approximately $500,000 stored in an undisclosed crypto wallet. Sarita, who has no idea about Bitcoin investment, said:

“I didn’t even have a thought because it wasn’t like we were discussing it or investing together. It was definitely a shock.”


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