Bitcoin Wallet Maker Foundation Raised $7 Million


bitcoinhardware wallet manufacturer Foundation Devices, 7 millionhas completed its seed funding round.

Blockchain In the expansion, a different product range is emerging day by day. Despite the ongoing bear trend in the cryptocurrency market, many crypto projects have stepped up their initiatives. Increasing number of users and investors, blockchain encourages initiatives. Especially traditional finance leaders have started to work to have a say in this field. In the midst of these processes, Foundation DevicesA move came by. bitcoinhardware wallet manufacturer company from seed funding round it participated in 7 millionmanaged to raise dollars.

Foundation Raises $7M Despite Crypto Winter

Despite challenging market conditions in the crypto industry, bitcoinhardware wallet manufacturer Foundation Devicesmanaged to raise funds.

The Boston-based crypto company announced that it will spend this fund on hardware and software development. In the seed funding round, Polychain Capitaland Lightning Venturescompanies as well.

Foundation, its flagship passport managed to attract attention with its product. an external USBor wireless communication, this device requires a camera or a camera to communicate. QRuses technology.

Also, the firm Envoy presents a new mobile software wallet called company, last 18 monthsin thousands of passportHe stated that he was selling the product.


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